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How to Access Pure Information

How to Access Pure Information

In this article I explain How to Access Pure Information. By that I mean accurate information that comes from all timelines and dimensions.

Pure Information is a truthful and accurate account or insight into events, thoughts, wishes, dreams and desires of people, places and things. It is also the place that one arrives at after they have gone into the inner worlds and have transversed the inner plane of existence. The plane that encompasses the collective consciousness of humankind.

That place where pure information exists is only accessible to people who within themselves are pure-hearted and who have let go of dogmas and rigid opinions. The slightest corruption within the viewer will distort the information that comes through when attempting to view it. The slightest rigidity of opinion will restrict the viewer’s access to pure information. The slightest lack of respect will hinder one’s access to it.

Liars, Bullies, and Thieves

If you are a liar, you will not be granted access to pure information, nor will you if you are arrogant. If you are a bully, you will not be granted access to pure information, neither will you if you seek to control and/or manipulate others. Go ahead and steal from others and all access to pure information will be denied to you.

There is a reason why there are ten commandments in the Bible. It is to protect you from yourself. All of our Heavenly Father’s children are given the keys to being able to receive guidance on how to live their lives through these commandments. When we practice living according to those commandments, we are also granted spiritual insight that others don’t have access to.

Corruption within oneself will bend and distort the information coming through from other dimensions. The more bent you are, the less accurate you will be.

Inaccurate Reader

I want to share with you a recent experience I had. I booked a psychic reading of my own with a woman named Ruth Rafferty who lives in Brunswick Melbourne. She had been recommended to me by Tammara who works for Life Reader, so I trusted what Tammara said and made my booking.

A reputable and accurate psychic would allow the client to ask questions regarding what they wanted to know from their reading, but no, Ruth wanted to control the whole reading and would not allow me to ask questions. Her explanation was that spirit talks through her and they know best, so I had to just listen and not ask questions. What she then told me which was supposed to be the first part of the reading was totally inaccurate, so I decided to override her dominance and insist on getting my answers.

I had to speak forcefully in order to interrupt her and say that I am the client and I paid my money so I am entitled to get what I want from this reading. “I want to know the answers to my questions, not what you are telling me now,” is what I said to her. She finally relinquished some of the control that she was attempting to use over me and answered my first question, but even that information was wrong.

Ending the Call

I ended the call after ten minutes. Having paid $150 for the reading I certainly didn’t get what I paid for. I sent her a message saying that I had wasted my money. Then she continued to harass me by sending multiple texts of her reading which was still totally inaccurate. I replied once to her and said that if she continued to send me messages I would call the police. She continued to send messages, disrespecting my request that she not do that. In the end I had to call the police to get her to stop texting me. She then sent me a message saying that I was blocked. Ha! As if I was ever going to call her again. What an arrogant fool!

Fruits of the Spirit

Now, let’s analyse that situation, shall we? Firstly, to take control of the reading like that does not display any humility or provide any real level of service. Humility is a vital component of a pure heart. Actually, it’s very arrogant to not listen to or provide what the client wants to achieve out of having a reading. This begins to close the door to accessing pure information.

Secondly, when you can’t accurately read for the client, to not offer to refund for the inaccurate reading is stealing. Theft is seen in the spiritual dimensions as corrupt. This further closes the door to being able to See.

Then, to continue to harass the client with text messages after the client has hung up is bullying. This is definitely not allowed by the higher dimensional spirits. The door to pure information will most definitely close when a reader acts in this manner.


I have found that very few readers can read me. We are often on different vibrationary levels. Vibrations are like radio bandwidths. If you resonate at the level of say, Triple M radio station, you can’t access the bandwidth of the radio stations above that. You can only access the information that is at the same level or below as the bandwidth that you’re resonating at. This means that Ruth Rafferty is not on the same bandwidth that I’m on because she could not read me accurately. How could she be on the same bandwidth? Her behaviour demonstrated that she was on a much lower vibrationary level so she simply would not be able to access pure information anyway. Someone who behaves that way that Ruth Rafferty did is denied access to pure information.

Bandwidths are sometimes called dimensions. Dimensions are not places or locations, but rather are levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The faster that we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience.

Pure Information

If you are learning to be a reader, realise that in order to access pure information you must be squeaky clean. That’s if you want information that is vital to knowing what is really going on in people’s lives. You must, must, must be squeaky clean in all of your dealings. My teacher used to emphasise that constantly. He said that we can’t even take a writing pen without permission if we happen to pick one up in a bank. Even the smallest of lies will block our ability to See. We must be absolutely and totally squeaky clean. Here is a link to an article by my teacher, and in it he talks about pure information. Click here.

Evidence of Corruption

If you’ve ever have a reading with someone who cannot read accurately for you, that’s a sign that the reader is not honest. And no, you are not judging them for that. It is not a judgment to come to that conclusion. It is an assessment based on evidence. Others will attempt to lay the guilt trip on you that you are judging the one who did the reading. They might say that you’re projecting your own stuff on them. However, that is not true. You are simply Seeing things for exactly what they are and calling the reader out for who they are. You are entitled to do that when it is necessary to do so.

Remember, the psychic industry is full of frauds. The devil is alive and well in our world today. He works through bent psychics in order to lead people down a path of chaos and destruction. Always choose your reader wisely.

Thanks for reading,

Psychic Madeline Rose



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