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Love on Its Own Isn’t Enough

Love on Its Own Isn't Enough

Love on Its Own Isn’t Enough

To make a relationship work you’ll need more than to simply love one another. Love on Its Own Isn’t Enough. Many relationships fail even when two people love one another. The reason? Well, to start with, many, many people think that being derisive in the manner that they speak to their partner is okay, or they think that treating their partner badly will be forgiven. After all, they’re married, aren’t they? People only fool themselves when they make assumptions like that. If you want your relationship to be great, you need to make sure that your partner feels loved.

Sо then, whаt actions will create the experience of love? Love is created by giving your partner your full attention, and by giving him or her the gift of acceptance and appreciation. Notice how you feel when someone looks at you when he or she talks with you and actually pays attention, and then genuinely accepts and appreciates you and your opinion on things. It feels great, doesn’t it?! You feel better about yourself and better about the individual with whom you are speaking. Continue Reading