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Sabotaging a Potential Relationship

sabotaging a potential relationship

Sabotaging a Potential Relationship

I’m sure that none of my readers want to always be Sabotaging a Potential Relationship, but some readers might be wondering why they always do. Read about how you possibly might be doing this.

Are you clueless as to how to get and keep that solid relationship that you want to have for life? Have you been in dozens of short-term relationships that went nowhere? Do you really want to find that one great man whom you’ll be happy with forever? Do you think that you might be doing something to scare those potential husbands away? You wouldn’t be the first to feel that way.

Love can be a scary thing.

No matter how you want to phrase it or look at it, showing the guy too much love too soon is a definite fright. He barely knows you and is aware of how little you know about him yet you’re declaring your love… There’s a good chance that you have a crush at this stage or are greatly infatuated. Don’t get your emotions mixed up.

Be affectionate and attentive and show him that you’re interested in him in subtle ways. Perhaps you don’t know what that means. Well, think of how you act when you’re with one of your girlfriends. Do you gush? Do you ooh and aah at everything she says? Do you stare at her with adoration? No. You’re cool, relaxed, and having fun. You listen to her, but you’re not a mania about it, right? Do the same with him. Be the same with him.

Cramming Into His Life

While it’s important for the two of you to spend a good amount of time together in order to build a new relationship, never give all of your time to him. You’ll regret it later when you realise all the things that you set aside simply to be with him.

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