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Defining Generosity (One of The 3 Graces)

True Generosity

Defining Generosity

Defining Generosity isn’t as simple as one might think. Generosity is much broader than simply giving people your time or something that they might need. It involves far more than giving away your unwanted items to your local charity store or donating money that you can afford to help someone who is in need. Being generous involves much more than that. One’s underlying thoughts, feelings and motives matter, too. Generosity is one of the three Graces.

Yes, certainly it involves giving of your time and energy to a cause or project for which you don’t expect anything in return. However, true generosity is an attitude. It’s an attitude whereupon giving away something that is valuable to you, you experience no sense of loss and no desire for some kind of personal benefit. It is most powerful when what we’re giving away is something that we haven’t already lost our attachment to. Generosity is also giving without a sense of obligation. Giving for no other reason than the empathic desire to help someone else. Continue Reading