17 The Star

The Star Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga

The Star Card Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga. Continue Reading

The Star Card Meaning

The Star Card Meaning

This is the wish card, and many people’s favourite. It’s all about hope, generosity and wishes being granted, although it can have a kind of dreamy quality about it, lacking in grounding or real belief. A bit of self-doubt and negativity can creep in here, but on the whole, it’s a lovely card to pull, especially if you’re hoping for something special.

tarot card number: 17

astrological sign: aquarius Continue Reading