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Who is Elon Musk

Who is Elon Musk?

Who is Elon Musk? He was an advisor to Trump administration. This was only seemingly…. The Military asked Musk to leave in 2016. The reasons are vast and connect to the current moment ie. buying the largest Shareholdings in Twitter.

The Deep State have long known Musk to be a placed White Hat. He never gets invited to major events that the [DS] host. He is constantly attacked by the Democratic party leaders. In DC the DNC stays clear of Musk…

I had stated before that Musk was going to make a MAJOR move inside social media and Joe Rogan was protected by Musk and they have other plans for the future.

You just saw Elon Musk’s Chess ♟

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Esoteric Meaning of the Runes

Armanism: The Esoteric Meanings of the Runes

What are the Esoteric Meanings of the Runes? They go a long way back to beyond Nordic times. All the runic alphabets and languages of the Aryan-Nordic races come from the runic alphabet, the Birds’ Language of the Hyperborean White Atlanteans.

That is who we are, that is why we fight. We are the last Aryas, and this is our last and greatest battle. Supremacy, or death! Thus it shall be. For Truth is indivisible, She either prevails or dies, only to be reborn, again and again.

The Epic of Arya, by Abir Taha.

According to Carl G. Jung, there is no separation or division between the instincts manifested by the senses and the archetypes structured in the consciousness. Both functions, the instincts and the archetypes are substrates of the libido, the essential bases of complexion and formation of the unconscious. We, therefore, find a direct correspondence between the study of Jung’s individuation and the Gnosis of the Hyperborean Wisdom. Consciousness not only generates images of reality but also captures the unconscious, the universal noological meanings of the archetypes. The Uncreated Runes, founded on The Bird’s Language, are the Sacred Symbols of the Nordic Races, whose ontological interpretation reveals Anamnesis, the understanding of the Eternal Truths.

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The 3-card Tarot Reading

The 3-card Tarot Reading

Tarot reading has long been used as a powerful tool for gaining insights, guidance, and self-reflection. Among the many tarot reading techniques, the 3-card tarot reading method stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. In this article, I will delve into the basics of a 3-card tarot reading, exploring the significance of each card and how they relate to past influences, present circumstances, and future possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tarot practitioner, understanding the fundamentals of a 3-card tarot reading can enhance your spiritual journey and provide valuable insights into various aspects of life. Continue Reading

Psychic Abilities

Welcome to the world of psychic abilities, where the realms of intuition and extrasensory perception come to life. Humans have long been fascinated by the potential to tap into unseen energies, access higher levels of consciousness, and gain insight beyond the confines of the physical world. Whether you are a skeptic seeking to explore the mysteries of psychic powers or an individual already in tune with your intuitive side, this article aims to guide you on the transformative journey of becoming psychic. From understanding the nature of psychic abilities to developing your own intuitive prowess, I will delve into the techniques, practices, and ethical considerations that can help unlock and nurture your innate psychic potential. Get ready to embark on a fascinating exploration of the extraordinary abilities that reside within you. Continue Reading

Remote Viewing

Exploring Remote Viewing: Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities

Remote viewing is a fascinating subject that has long captivated a lot of people’s imaginations. It is the practice of using extrasensory perception (ESP) to gain information about a distant or unseen target. The process involves accessing the subconscious mind to visualise or perceive information that is not available through normal senses. It has been used for various purposes, from assisting law enforcement in locating missing persons to helping businesses make informed decisions. With its potential to unlock our psychic abilities, remote viewing has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years. In this article, I will explore the concept of remote viewing, how it works, and how you can develop your psychic abilities to unlock your full potential.

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Guys, have you ever really sat down and tried to analyse the way that you communicate with people? Have you ever thought about how the delivery of words can influence which way things go? Do you ever sit outside of yourself and observe what or how you do things, how you say things? Are you an observer or just someone taking part in the story of your life? Do you realise that good Communication governs your success in all that you do? Not just in business but also in relationships?

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Death Sentence

If you allowed yourself to be coerced, frightened, or forced into taking the COVID experimental jab, please do yourself a favour and watch the video below. Unfortunately for you, taking that jab was a pure Death Sentence. You never needed more than your own immune system to fight off the fake virus called COVID-19. The fake virus is just Influenza-A or Influenza-B, and if you have a healthy immune system your own body was able to fight that off.

Every single animal who was used in the trials of the COVID “vaccine” died. One hundred percent of them. Not a single one survived. The so-called experts coordinated their story and used catch phrases to convince you that it was safe. It wasn’t. It was a suicide shot. Continue Reading

The Road Less Travelled

Understanding Evil Humans

The article below was written by my ol’ teacher. It clearly explains why some humans are so evil. They don’t come from the same dimension as some of us. They come from a dimension that is of a very low vibration and they are here to try to redeem themselves. My teacher was very good at explaining what he knew, and he knew what he knew by observing the dimensions that surround us while he was in trance state. He posted the article below to his website in March of 2013. Read on to learn about Understanding Evil Humans. Continue Reading



What is Perception? My ol’ teacher would refer to extra sensory abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentiousness (especially clairsentiousness) as Perception. He taught us that psychic ability is only part of what true Perception is.

Psychic ability is mostly of the mind. If the one who is using their psychic ability hasn’t done a lot of work to purify themselves, then they’re surrounded by a cloud of astral entities who twist the information that comes to them. Thus, the psychic or adviser passes on information that ultimately is damaging to the one who has asked for the information. Continue Reading

9 Signs that You Are a Light-Worker

9 Signs that You Are a Light-Worker

This article is inspired by a video that I recently watched about people who are ‘chosen’. Now, my ol’ teacher always warned us about referring to ourselves as special or chosen, so I have taken the information in the video and adjusted it so that it provides good inspiration without sending my readers into a false sense of self-importance. I hope that you enjoy reading the 9 Signs that You Are a Light-Worker, and that this article makes things more clear for you. Continue Reading