.7 The Chariot

The Chariot Card Emerald Tolemac

The Chariot Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga

The Chariot Card Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and artist Sonhaj Silitonga.

The Chariot Card Emerald Tolemac Tarot

The Chariot Card Emerald Tolemac represents the questioner venturing forth. You are being called to a quest. Everything is looking up, and there is a sense that you have vanquished a certain amount of your inner demons to prepare for this moment of emergence. There will be a lot to keep in mind on this journey, though. The Chariot is all about balancing the opposing forces that you encounter along the way. Continue Reading

7 The Chariot Card Meaning

The Chariot Card meaning

The Chariot Card Meaning

Here is the Chariot card meaning: Lots of conflict ahead, but it’s all going to be all right in the end! The Chariot is usually pulled by 2 horses that appear to go in separate directions – a kind of pulling apart, hence the conflict. There’s lots of energy with this card though, it’s all about dramatic movement and change. On the flip side, there’s plenty of room here for overconfidence and arrogance. Continue Reading

The Chariot Traits

The Chariot Traits

The Chariot Traits

As you may already know from having read the previous articles, the Major Arcana is the path of The Fool. The seventh card of the Major Arcana is called The Chariot. This card is very powerful. In fact The Chariot is associated with unlimited power and energy. The Chariot simply means that The Fool has the all the power that he needs within him and he can use it anytime and anywhere. The Fool has the willpower and The Chariot says that with this will power, The Fool can achieve everything that he wants. However, The Fool must do his best in order to achieve that. Continue Reading