12 The Hanged Man

Hanged Man Card Emerald Tolemac

Hanged Man Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga

Hanged Man Card Emerald Tolemac.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga.

Hanged Man Card Emerald Tolemac 

This young man has fallen from the pure light of day (clarity) and now hangs in the depths of the gorge, a place of both light and shadow as represented by the shafts of light piercing the darker area that he finds himself in. Symbolically, darkness holds secret thoughts and actions that can pave the way into a living hell, or a situation that feels like hell on earth. Even so, atonement is possible, as we shall see. Continue Reading

12 The Hanged Man Card Meaning

The Hanged Man card meaning

The Hanged Man Card Meaning

The Hanged Man Card Meaning usually represents a time of feeling in limbo, being stuck or being prevented from moving forward. He’s usually depicted hanging upside down with his hands tied – which is just what it feels like!

We need to remain flexible and willing to let go of things; it’s probably a time for sacrifice.

The hanged man card is basically saying, don’t sweat it, take some time out and be patient. Continue Reading