Esoteric Meaning of the Runes

Armanism: The Esoteric Meanings of the Runes

What are the Esoteric Meanings of the Runes? They go a long way back to beyond Nordic times. All the runic alphabets and languages of the Aryan-Nordic races come from the runic alphabet, the Birds’ Language of the Hyperborean White Atlanteans.

That is who we are, that is why we fight. We are the last Aryas, and this is our last and greatest battle. Supremacy, or death! Thus it shall be. For Truth is indivisible, She either prevails or dies, only to be reborn, again and again.

The Epic of Arya, by Abir Taha.

According to Carl G. Jung, there is no separation or division between the instincts manifested by the senses and the archetypes structured in the consciousness. Both functions, the instincts and the archetypes are substrates of the libido, the essential bases of complexion and formation of the unconscious. We, therefore, find a direct correspondence between the study of Jung’s individuation and the Gnosis of the Hyperborean Wisdom. Consciousness not only generates images of reality but also captures the unconscious, the universal noological meanings of the archetypes. The Uncreated Runes, founded on The Bird’s Language, are the Sacred Symbols of the Nordic Races, whose ontological interpretation reveals Anamnesis, the understanding of the Eternal Truths.

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