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Gesara Nesara is Active Now

This is a copy of an update put out by Judy Byington. It is the announcement that Gesara Nesara is Active Now. The update was released on Sunday 02 January 2022.

For all of my clients who could not believe what I was telling them throughout 2021, you’re about to be positively surprised to find that my readings were correct, even though you didn’t want to believe it at the time. That’s okay. The positive things that are about to occur in the world are mind-blowing. Unless your mind had already cracked open to the possibilities of what’s to come, it would have been nigh impossible to believe what I told you.

The restored republics will be installed worldwide via a global currency revaluation.

Judy Note: “They flipped the switch: global revaluation, GESARA / NESARA on! Now is the time! It’s happening! The switch has been turned. It all started in London.”

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