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15 The Devil Card Meaning

The Devil card meaning

The Devil Card Meaning

‘Playful Pan’ is one of the most feared cards in the pack, mainly due to the modern depictions of the Devil being the ultimate evil.

Really, The Devil is more often just the representation of temptation, or the over indulgence of sensual pleasures.

He’s also closely associated with the vices: lust, greed, addiction, and hedonism.

Not often a positive influence, but he can represent commitment, particularly in relationship, or the fact that the Querent is gaining control of a situation.

tarot card number: 15

astrological sign: capricorn Continue Reading

My Experience Tackling Demons

My Experience Tackling Demons

My Experience Tackling Demons

Throughout my life, at different times I’ve seen various types of ghosts, demons, and spiritual figures, but it wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I began to know how to deal with them. In this article here I talk about My Experience Tackling Demons.

My ability to see astral entities was present from a very young age. At 3 years old I could see nature spirits but lost much of that ability when I saw my father break my mother’s nose. My next most memorable experience of astral entities was when I was 8 when I saw a demon crouched down behind my bedroom door. My room and the rest of the house constantly had an ice-cold chill for about the next seven years from that point on. Continue Reading