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The Awakening

The biggest mistake of the Cabal was to underestimate humanity and The Awakening of their minds, hearts and souls. They knew that the human collective was reaching a very high vibration. But they weren’t aware of the amount of awake souls. They noticed the evaluation error and they got scared. Now they don’t hide anymore. They are in a hurry to officially launch a “new world order”. Now their attacks are direct and frontal, and the attacks will increase. They will try by all means to keep people from waking up. By all means they will try to make sure that the “awake” cannot communicate so as not to wake up others. They will try by all means to ensure that the awakened are seen as insane or delinquents.

The Transition

Whatever they do, it doesn’t matter. The quantum leap has already occurred. It is unstoppable. Humanity already contemplates plants and animals as souls that animate them. We already respect mother earth. We already understands that there is no separation. The souls who are now incarnating already come as teachers. There is to be no more experimenting. They only incarnate on Earth to teach to love. We may be witnessing total change or not. The transition could take a week or 300 years. But it is unstoppable.

Whatever happens during the transition, remember one thing: it was you who offered yourself. To stay here and now. Whatever happens. Whatever you see. You are the engines of change. Only one thing is required of you. Only one. Don’t be “food”. It is the only thing you have to do. A simple thing. Don’t become food for those 4th dimensional beings that move beside us.

We Are Whirlpools

The human being is one of the most powerful generators that exists. We are whirlpools. Depending on the polarity that you align to, you create high or low frequencies. These dark entities feed on low frequencies, we have been feeding them for millennia. The Awakening of humanity has tilted the collective vortex towards high frequencies. This is why they are attacking with such ferocity. They are starving.


Connect with your soul and watch yourself. If your soul resonates with these words, don’t give a single second of your existence anymore to being something else’s food. Eliminate the low passions of your life. Hatred, resentment, envy, fear, vices, junk foods, lies, ambition. Selfishness, sadness, distrust. All of this generates dense energy. Food for the dark ones. This food is known as Loosh.

Become aware of your emotions. Listen to what is going on within you and what comes up out of you. If on any occasion you feel yourself to be in any of these low vibrations, ipso facto change your energy. Put on some music that will lift you up. Sing, dance, breathe, light an incense. Hug your cats, hug a friend, hug your dog, hug your mum. Embrace your pet family. Go for a walk in nature. Meditate. Exercise. Do whatever it takes to change that energy immediately.

The Frequency of Love

Why? Because by you being in a low vibration you are serving as food. Always be aware. The only thing that is asked of you is not to feed the dark hordes. Feed your soul with everything that helps you get up. If you get used to living in the frequency of love, your reality will change to your will without effort.


You are a powerful being. You are unstoppable. Don’t fear anything. Free your mind from the “matrix”. Focus your attention on what you want. Yet above all, have fun, be happy, smile, sing, dance, and love. We are alive by loving everything and everyone, and you are part of it all. Together with the stars and the sun, and all the galaxies of the universe, you are a part of it all. You are love. ?

THEY UNDERESTIMATE US ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky

(The video above is spoken by our world famous Australian Shaman, Darpan. I have participated in his Ayahuasca ceremonies on multiple occasions. You’ll find his website by clicking here)

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