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Infested With Evil

Have you ever been put in a situation where people have taken other people’s word against yours when you know (and God knows) that other people’s version of the facts are not only distorted but are outright lies? You know what occurred or what was said, but other people’s lies conspire to twist the truth because there is a benefit to them in the truth being suppressed. One has to be Infested With Evil to want to lie in the first place. Secondly, when those who are being lied to are also Infested With Evil, they can’t see the truth anyway. The demons within them cause a bend in their etheric so that they can’t actually see the truth of the situation.

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The Nuremberg Code

You may have seen the headlines put out by the mainstream media about scrapping the Nuremberg Code in order to force-vax everyone in the world. These are fear stories, and they are coming out in force at the moment. Let’s look at a different perspective on this by taking a step back, a deep breath and thinking of it logically.

The fear-headlines come from some puppet in the EU. Please do a search on this story. You will notice the repetitive, word-for-word title appearing over and over on different sites, news channels and newspapers. This only happens when media outlets are TOLD to publish a story. We saw the same thing occur at the start of the plandemic; scare stories across all platforms with a word-for-word narrative.

These stories are all false. They are released for several reasons that we’re about to discuss. Please try to comprehend how the people behind this whole scamdemic (and any other terror situation) operate and the role that we play in the process of accepting their lies.

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