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The Cult of the Chosen Ones

The Cult of The Chosen Ones

There’s a group on Signal and in Telegram where an Australian guy reports on intel from sources close to the hub about the Global Currency Revaluation and the Humanitarians’ currency RV. He calls his group The Chosen Ones. He is constantly referring to the Humanitarians who are part of his group as The Chosen Ones, like as if they are special or more important that others in some way. It’s become The Cult of The Chosen Ones. What he may or may not realise is that by claiming that the Humanitarians are ‘chosen’, he is setting up the members in that group for a complete downfall. I’ve already seen the evidence of it in the behaviour of two of the members. 

There is nothing that will cause people to fall to degradation more than a label that makes them think they have a right to persecute or attack others, or that they are somehow morally superior or special.

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