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The Emerald Tolemac Fool

The Fool Emerald Tolemac

© Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga

The Emerald Tolemac Fool card.  This card is from the Emerald Tolemac Tarot deck. The images from our deck are all copyright, created by Madeline Rose and artist Ahmad Sonhaji Silitonga.

The Emerald Tolemac Fool card

Emerald Tolemac Fool Card is all about new beginnings or endings. The Fool typically is a good card. If it shows up in your card readings, it can indicate that you are about to embark on a thrilling, unanticipated new journey. It can also represent that something is coming to an end and a new beginning will be on the other side of that ending. Thus, the Fool’s journey can be a repeating cycle in one’s own life. One journey’s end is simply the start of another. Continue Reading

0 The Fool Card Meaning

0 The fool card meaning

The Fool Card Meaning

Here is The Fool Card Meaning: It’s the start of something new, a new adventure or journey. Expect excitement, fun, and a sense of adventure. The Fool is usually depicted preparing to step off the edge of a cliff or taking a leap of faith into the unknown. But he’s also looking upwards, full of optimism and feeling carefree.

There is an element of naivete (which can also be denial), thoughtlessness, immaturity, lack of responsibility, impulsiveness or lawlessness to this card though, so be aware of that.

The Fool says, expect the unexpected, go for it, but sometimes the question to be raised here is whether one should look before you leap

Tarot card number: 0

Element: air

Planet: Uranus Continue Reading

Journey of The Fool

Journey of The Fool

Journey of the Fool

The first 22 cards of a tarot deck are part of the Major Arcana and are associated with the Journey of The Fool. The Fool is the only card that hasn’t been given a number from the 22 Major Arcana cards. The Fool’s number is Zero, because the Major Arcana is all about the Fool’s Journey. So the Fool could be placed at either the start or the end of the journey because when one journey finishes, another always starts. Here we discuss the Journey of the Fool Astrology. Continue Reading

Hero Neo as The Fool

Hero Neo as The Fool

There are 78 tarot cards and each of them has a special, deep meaning that represents certain ways of life. These cards are divided into two groups which are called the Major and the Minor Arcana, the word “Arcana” meaning “secret”. For now, we will focus only on the Major Arcana which consists of 22 cards, but numbered cards are twenty-one and one is unnumbered (it is called “The Fool”). We will analyse each of them, and we will travel this journey together. Continue Reading