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Death of the Elite

The Death of the Elite is finally happening after an extremely long reign. The people who have been running the world for thousands of years are Satanists. They keep humanity enslaved on a multitude of levels. They do so using multidimensional methods. They don’t only operate in this 3D dimension. They access power and energy from many dimensions, and their power is given to them by Satan and his demons. Thus the battle against them is not just waged on a physical or emotional level – it is multidimensional.

The Elite own the media, the banks, and the governments via national debt. They almost always get away with murder and have always thought – up until only just recently – that they were untouchable… indestructible. However, that is not true – they are about to be completely and totally annihilated from this planet and this dimension. My teacher could See into the future. He wrote about the Elite’s demise many years ago. The following of his articles outlines how the Death of the Elite comes about.

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Psychic Madeline Rose

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